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Created to Worship Letter.

This week I received a letter from someone in our church who heard my message on being "Created to Worship." She is originally from Guatemala, and in this she describes the understanding that her church there had of Praising and Worshipping God. I don't know but to me it sounds a lot like heaven. Read this letter I received from her, and maybe it will encourage you like it has encouraged me to worship God uninhibitedly.

Dear Jordan,

I have being trying to write you since the Sunday you preached, but I couldn’t get your email until last service and then lack of time. First of all forgive my English and spelling because I speak Spanish so I will try to make it clear. ;o)

I just wanted to tell you how blessed I was when I heard you preaching about praising and worshiping God.

I would like to share a little with you about me. I have been in Sarasota for almost 7 years.
It was hard for me to find here a church where you can let the Spirit of God move during the praise & worship.

Back home where I am (Guatemala) there is a big movement from the Spirit and a lot of churches, or must of them give enough time to God to move and touch people hearts, so it’s being hard for me to find a church, to prepare peoples harts for enter in to His presence and many come with burdens and they need to be set free.

I used to be in a praise & worship ministry, and we used to go to minister to different places and churches in all the country, it was the best experience I ever had, there were times when we didn’t need to preach, because God was moving so powerful that there was no need for that, he was healing hearts and bodies through worship! As you know when we enter in His presence you don’t want to get out of there, you just feel like dancing, jumping, praising, bow before Him. And I really ask the Lord that He can do the same thing in our church a great revival.

A lot of times we had to teach people how to do it, because they came from the out side, (the world) and they didn’t have any idea of what was going on, we had to taught them scripture that God tells us to do it, and how king David even though he was a king he was dancing and doing crazy things for the Lord, why we can’t do to it? Are we better than him? If we can go to a stadium to cheer our favorite team, why we can’t do it for our Savior, for our King the one who gave His life for us? So I think it’s up to us to teach them how to come to His presence, specially when we are in charge of the worship, it’s our responsibility to bring them into His presence, we have to teach them to clap their hands, to raise their voices ,to lift their hands, to dance, to shout, what ever it is!

We also started in my old church to teach them that God wanted us to have a party for Him, and dance and everything else (because they were not getting the message), so we decided to not put all the chairs in the church for service, we put some on the sides so if some one got tired they could sat. We started to have every Friday night a party for Him, and that started to bring freedom to people, let me tell you we had some parties!!!!!!!!! It changed a lot of the way of people thinking about the worship, some of them they don’t think that it is important, is like every other Sunday, sing, listen the word and goodbye! But God wants more for us. Don’t you think so? I could go on and tell you more but that’s not what I want.

But what I want to tell you it’s that I am so happy to see you leading the worship the way you do, I believe God it’s going to do something greater in our church. Keep doing the great job! Keep teaching the people how to praise Him even though we come to the service with burdens in our hearts, God will do the rest.
I think I miss a lot being in the worship ministry, I don’t have a great voice, I can sing but I don’t have a voice that you would say, wow, ha! But I have a heart to worship Him, that’s my only dream to praise Him forever! So I will be praying for you, that God will use you more and more everyday, and that you can be His instrument to teach people how to praise Him.

Thanks for making some time to read this letter.
God bless you always!

Share your thoughts on this and worship in general. I look forward to hearing what you grabbed from this letter.

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