Boston Trip 2009

Boston Trip from Jordan Becnel on Vimeo.

Worship Set List - 9/26-27/09

This weekend was cool to get my sister to lead praise & worship. I am so proud to call her my sister. I told her several months ago I wanted her to lead and she has always been ready, willing, and able to use the gift that God has given her. She is actually one of the main reasons I'm doing what I'm doing today, working at Bayside. She was singing way before I was and I think it was through her Passion of singing that inspired me. Love ya Sis.

Oh and I can't forget my boy Garrett. The Canadian in Bradenton! Garrett works with me in the Worship Ministry here at Bayside. He has such an awesome heart for God and is one to also always challenge me. This guy can dream big dreams for God, and I believe God's brought him here to Bayside to see some of those dreams come true. This weekend was one of them to.

As both of these amazing team members have challenged me in my life to get to where I am today, I know Bayside that they did that for you as well.

Happy Day
No Reason to Hide
'Til I See
Salvation Is Here

Commitment Song:
Ready Now

New David Crowder Band Album - church music

Worship Set List - 9/19-20/09

This week was a smoking set. Ken Walker did a great job leading Beauty of the Lord and an amazing job by my sis Kristen and Aimmee leading Hosanna.

Commitment song we picked as Pastor Randy was talking on Relationships with God an relationships with each other. Relationships is generally a hard topic to find a good commitment song on unless it's "Friends are Friends forever" but I just can't bring myself to ever singing that song. haha but I love the line in this commitment song that says, "Come and lay your burdens down before the friend who's faithful, before the one who is able."

You Deserve
No Reason to Hide
Beauty of the Lord

Commitment Song:
Come let us Worship

Meet the Drew: Drew Eales

Meet the Drew: Drew Eales from Jordan Becnel on Vimeo.

Bayside Men's Golf Trip Recap

Bayside Mens Golf Trip Recap '09 from Jordan Becnel on Vimeo.

Worship Set List - 9/12-13/09

Man didn't Dan and Ann do an incredible job leading this weekend this weekend? They just blow me away all the time with how talented and anointed they are. We are so blessed to have them apart of the team here at Bayside. So here is the set list they did this weekend.

You'll Come
Who You Are

Commitment Song:
This is our God

Worship Set List - 9/5-6/09

Break Free
I Stand Amazed

Commitment Song:
Lead me to the Cross
Here I am to Worship

Caption Please!

Worship Set List - 8/29-30/09

Salvation Is Here
My Future Decided
This is our God

Commitment Song:
How Great is Our God/How Great Thou Art

God of this City