Man Trip to Baton Rouge

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Nov 11/14-15/09 :: 11/21-22/09 :: 11/28-29/09

Missions Weekend
Nov 11/14-15/09

Happy Day
Rain Down
This is Our God
No Reason to Hide

Commitment Song:
God of this City

I Have Some Questions?

You'll Come
For Who You Are

Special Song:
Fix You

Commitment Song:
Not Guilty Anymore
I Stand Amazed

Guest Speaker: Mark Mateer - God's Goodness

My Future Decided
Sing Sing Sing

Commitment Song:
He is Lord

Scarecrow A.K.A. Colt Sammons

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This is Scarecrow A.K.A. Colt Sammons

The Most Powerful Evangel - Worship!

I read this amazing thing on worship this morning and i had to share it. Worshippers and worship leaders out there grab a hold of this if not for your ministry for yourself.

Years ago, I read a definition of worship that to this day rings with clear and magnificent terms.(1) The definition comes from the famed archbishop William Temple: "Worship is the submission of all of our nature to God. It is the quickening of the conscience by his holiness; the nourishment of mind with his truth; the purifying of imagination by his beauty; the opening of the heart to his love; the surrender of will to his purpose—all this gathered up in adoration, the most selfless emotion of which our nature is capable."

The more I have thought of that definition, the more I am convinced that if worship is practiced with integrity in the community of God's people, potentially, worship may be the most powerful evangel for this postmodern culture of ours. It is imperative in planning the worship services that church leaders give careful attention to every element and make sure that the worship retains both integrity and purpose. People come to church generally "beaten down" by the world of deceit, distraction, and demand. There is an extraction of emotional and spiritual energy that brings them on "empty" into the community. The church's task is to so prepare during the week that it is collectively the instrument of replenishment and fresh energy of soul. Even being in the presence of fellow believers in worship is a restorer of spiritual hope. We so underestimate the power of a people in one mind and with one commitment. Even a prayer can so touch a hungry heart that it can rescue a sliding foot in a treacherous time.

A few years ago, two or three of my colleagues and I were in a country dominated for decades by Marxism. Before we began our meetings, we were invited to a dinner hosted by some common friends, all of whom were skeptics and, for all practical purposes, atheists. The evening was full of questions, posed principally by a notable theoretical physicist in the country. There were also others who represented different elements of power within that society. As the night wore on, we got the feeling that the questions had gone on long enough and that we were possibly going in circles.

At that point, I asked if we could have a word of prayer with them, for them, and for the country before we bade them good-bye. There was a silence of consternation, an obvious hesitancy, and then one said, "Of course." We did just that—we prayed. In this large dining room of historic import to them, with all the memories of secular power plastered within those walls, the prayer brought a sobering silence that we were all in the presence of someone greater than us. When we finished, every eye was moist and nothing was said. They hugged us and thanked us, with emotion written all over their faces. The next day when we met them, one of them said to me, "We did not go back to our rooms last night till it was early morning. In fact, I stayed in my hotel lobby most of the night talking further. Then I went back to my room and gave my life to Jesus Christ."

I firmly believe that it was the prayer that gave them a hint of the taste of what worship is all about. Their hearts had never experienced it.

Over the years I have discovered that praying with people can sometimes do more for them than preaching to them. Prayer draws the heart away from one's own dependence to leaning on the sovereign God. The burden is often lifted instantly. Prayer is only one aspect of worship, but one that is greatly neglected in the face of people who would be shocked to hear what prayer sounds like when the one praying knows how to touch the heart of God. To a person in need, pat answers don't change the mind; prayer does.

- Ravi Zacharias

New Switchfoot Album - Hello Hurricane

Dirt Conference - Main Session (Rick Bezet)

Why are you not in church any longer? - Barna institute Survey

What's interesting is that none of the answers are theological.

1.) We don't like the music

- Hymns were sounds out of the bars, they where cutting edge several years ago, so be cutting edge with your Praise &

- Music we like is not what it's about, its about the ones who aren't here yet.

2.) Kids don't like the church

3.) Sermons are boring and irrelevant.
- Relevant, Humor, transparency, and inspiration should be in every sermon for todays culture.

4.) They want my money

5.) The People are weird, hypocritical, and I don't feel welcome

* Artistic people generally feel unwelcome at churches.

But remember for us:

1.) Not to lose the confidence of your call.

Heb 4:16

- Don't have backwards vision.
If you think God has kicked you out then its gonna be hard to be creative in that place.

- Gods voice is a whisper cause you have to be in close proximity to hear him.

2.) Keep confidence in our dreams.
- There comes a time when u can broadcast your dream to the world, but God wants you to talk to him about it always.

Story of Blind Bartimaus
Jesus asked him what he wants, even though Jesus knew Bartimaus wanted to see, God wants to hear us say what our dream is.

Types of creatives God's wants to reach:

1.) Ones who lost there dream.

2.) Ones who are dreaming the wrong dream.

** Samson - cost him a lot for being in the wrong dream, in the wrong place, with the wrong people.

3.) Ones who are doing the God dream
- Gods dream is always about souls.

Dirt is not very expensive unless its in the right place. Location of dirt can depict its value. New York cost more than Arkansas, and when our location is close to God we then can find more value in ourselves and the things we are doing and apart of.

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself its thinking more of other people."

We all want to be at a place, a church, a leader where other people can come and dream big with others and dream with God.

This Coming Week!

Kristin and I will be leaving tomorrow to head to a very cool conference called Dirt! Looking forward to learning, sharing, growing in the days to come and get some creative juices flowing with some of the most creative brains out there. Including my wife!

Hope to see you there, if not check out for details of what the conference is all about.

Worship Set Lists - 10/31/09-11/1/09 & 11/7-8/09

I have some questions?

One Way
Everlasting God
Jesus Paid it All

Commitment Song:
You Hold Me Now - Bryan Meadows just crushed this song in a good way. So amazed at his talent yes but his heart is what
truly blows me away about him.

I have some questions?

Gotta say I love to give other people opportunity to lead Praise & Worship. I love to hear the comments, "why aren't you on stage this weekend?" "Who is that leading today... They're good" "Do you have the weekend off?"

I love those comments cause it gives me the opportunity to share the heart of Bayside of how we want to grow people in there gifts and use them in there "10." Garrett & Kristen and the team where definitely in their "10" this weekend! When you give other people opportunity and you step out of the way. Its grows your team and it grows you as the leader. To let go shows great leadership, something that I continue to learn. My first instinct would be just to do it all, but God will bring you people to make what you do so much better. Try and step out of the way and see if I'm lying or not.

Your Love Never Fails
Beautiful One
How Great is Our God
So In Love

Special Song:
Life is a Highway

Commitment Song:
'Til I See