Kodak's Zi6 or FLIP's new ULTRA HD?

So I want one of these trendy, hip, cool, little digital video cameras. I've used the FLIP which I love but the Kodak, my brother in law Brad, raves about the Kodak so I trust him and so I may be purchasing one of these very soon. I love how easy it is to upload to the web, and the quality...wow. So here is the breakdown:
- Both have HD (720p)
- Both are about the same size but the kodak's screen is bigger
- Both take AA batteries as well as a recharable
- Both have a usb hook up to upload videos instantly
- The Kodak however you can record on SD cards as well as there built in hard drive
- The FLIP has an HDMI hook up.
- FLIP cost = $199 Kodak cost = $159

If anyone has any thoughts let me know.

Blackberry App Store

Look I know that iphone is the greatest thing in the world but I have Verizon service, which does not allow for me to have an iphone. So I found something that will keep me going for a bit longer from being jealous of all of you who have an iphone.


#All Access - Stovall Weems

Front Line Leadership

Mark 10:35-45(NKJV)
Do You have a Vision For Greatness?

If your in the minsitry cause you need a job... Quit!

¤ 3 test leaders must pass to be the leader God has called us to be...

1.) You better understand PAIN?
"Can you drink the cup, that I drink from?"

There is a price to pay to advance the kingdom of God, and cause of His ministry.
    2 types of pain: 1.) Things happen to you. 2.) Have to make a hard decision: will you embrace the pain of tough decisions?

3 phases of planting a church:
  1.) The pioneering phase - a promise from God. Its in pioneering that you learn to pay the price.
  2.) The Josuha stage - from pioneering to possessing.
  3.) The Provailing stage - end of joshuas life

2.) The Test of Submission
  a.) When you don't agree with a leadership position.
3.) The Test of Identity
Do you see yourself like your entitled to something?

When ever you find striff usually self promotion is involved at the root.

Do you view yourself as leader who serves or do you say,
I view myself as a servant who's been given the opportunities to lead?

We are here to pay the price and get the job done!

We are blogging and twittering but are we praying and fasting?

In all the test its the joy of the Lord that gives us strength.

#All Access - Ed Young

1. Ask the crucial questions

Always seek knowledge
Ask questions that answer:
What do I confirm?
What do I cancel?
What can I copy from you?

2. Talk to the chairs

Talk about the vision of the church
"Its about the Weekend, Stupid"

3. Talk about the theta waves

4. Match God's Rythmn

Take Breaks! - match the rythmn of Gods rest

Take a day off
Take off practical days - memorial day, July 4th, Spring Break

Get in the rythmn of taking breaks you will have your best creativity, best ideas, it will help your message

If you don't your schedule will break you. We are in a marathon not a sprint.

5. Though shall always plan with the team.

   A. Fresh flow of creative ideas
   B. Gives you great confidence
   C. Critique
   D. Great training ground for teachers
   E. Helps you to know who's in the

(creativepastors.com to see video from start to finish of Fellowships Process)

6. Though shall not steal an idea without making it better.

Ask questions!

7. Though shalt keep your distance from crazy people

   15 qualities of a crazy person:
 1. They got crazy eyes
 2. Always play the God card
 3. They are a name dropper
 4. They are one up man
 5. They will blow your phone up
 6. They'll ask advice but they don't take it
 7. They always talk about themselves
 8. They don't have a filter
 9. There one issue people
10. There space invaders
11. They will dress in the uniform of the team they cheer for
12. They enjoy discomfort
13. They have pets
14. They answer phone saying Yellow
15. They are either the first one or the last to talk to you.

8. Thall shalt hire yes man

Yeilded, encouraging and strong

9. Thall shalt grow by strategic subtraction

People think they are getting deep sometimes in the gospel and they are actually getting muddy.

10. Thall shalt not covet other ministries.

- its unfair to compare.

10.5. Thall shalt not lie about the numbers

Be who you are there is always a story behind the story.

    1. Are you structured for growth?
    2. Who are you really reaching?
        A. Check attendance
        B. Count Baptisms
        C. Count your small groups
        D. New Members
        E. Volunteers
    3. Where are you spending money?

If you pay peanuts you will get monkees.

#All Access - Joe Champion

Keeping It Sweet

Acts 16

How to keep the sweetness:

1. You Have to DREAM It

The Dream needs to be specific, needs to come from God, needs to help people - if the dream isn't about people it probably isn't from God

Luke 1:1-4

You have to be faithful to the dream God has given you
God gives His dreams to people that have nothing but avalibility
Gaurd your dream

2. You Have to LIVE It
To live the dream people have to be included - go from he to we

3. You Have to FLOW with it

Acts 16:10-15 - Paul meets lydia and the man he saw

You may not meet the people you see in your dream - it may look different -
You've got to flow!

Blessed are the flexible for they remain standing!

Can you flow with what God does when the dream ends up differently then you thought?

4. You got to Confront it
If you don't like to confront, your not gonna move up-front.

5. Your gonna have to Stand it.
Paul and Silas standing worshipping through there trials were able to reach a woman making purple garments, a demon possed woman, a man in the prision...now you know why Paul loved the church of Philipi.

Acts 16:35-40 (NKJV)

6. You have to ENJOY it.
If you don't go through this (the fire)you won't love the place, the city, the church where God has placed you.

#All Access - Rick Bezet

Galations 5:1

How to have a life-giving church...

1. Keep the innocence
(Book: "Two Trees in the Garden")
Worship because Gods the life giver not because we have to when we're at church

2. Don't be authortative... Be transparent
Romans 12:9 - don't hate evil in someones life until we love them... Relationship first.

3. Be loyal

4. Be grateful. Celebrate.
Acts 2:46 - glad and sincere hearts

5. Don't forget about the pain
John 4:35

#All Access - Ed Young

The Greatest Thing in the World... The Local Church

Only the people I trust can betray me.

Genesis 37 - joseph and robe

Betrayal occurs during defining moments and at crucial times
Joseph shared his vision and dreams too early.

Betrayal comes from those closest to you - there is always a Judas at your table and he's usually close enough to kiss you

Betrayal is fueled/engeineered by envy and jealousy.

Betrayal can lead to a total breakdown or breakthu

When your in the pit don't ask why me, ask what now?

The pit leads to... Character


Were a bunch of idiots when we get together luv these crazies for Jesus!!!!

ARC Conference

What an amazing two days it's been at the ARC all access conference. Check out the conference for updates and live web feed to watch the sessions at www.allaccessconference.com. The Bayside team is here at C3 church in Clayton, NC. it's beautiful here but me and @ckyoung just got lost and saw more of NC then we expected. We laughed a lot to keep our hopes up of getting back to the hotel alive. Looking forward maybe going to DUKE university tomorrow.