Cohen's First Laugh!

Cohen's First Laugh from Jordan Becnel on Vimeo.

Cohen's Photo Book

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Bayside Worship Web Site

Check out the new Bayside Worship web page. You can get your digital copy of the 3 song EP here:

We Voted!

Today Cohen partook in his first democratic stand, along side his mom and dad. They asked what party he represented...he had no comment as you can see.
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My Story

Beyond Me, Destiny from Bayside Community Church on Vimeo.

Bayside Worship EP

So excited for this coming weekend as Bayside Worship releases it's first 3 song EP. This has always been in my heart, and in the heart of the ministry to do a project like this, and I can't believe it's finally here.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to play one of the singles off the album, and I was so excited on how the church just took to the song and praised God through it. WOW.

This weekend Sept. 25th & 26th they will be available in the resource center of the church. The cost is $5.

Now here's even some more cool news. You may be thinking, why only 3 songs? Well you can just think of it more as a pre-release for a full length album that we are planning to do. On Nov. 3rd & 4th we are going to be doing a 2 night live recording at Bayside that we want everyone to be a part of. So here is all the info that will be in the upcoming bulletin:

Bayside Worship Live Recording Event
November 4 & 5

On November 3 and 4, please join us for a special 2 day live recording event for a full length
Bayside Worship CD coming out in the future. This event is free to attend. To secure a seat,
please pick up tickets at the Information Center starting Oct 16th. Seats are limited. Childcare
will be provided for 5th Grade & younger.


Remember to pick up your copy of the EP today!

The Becnel Big News!


Man what a 15days it has been! On Aug. 30th, 2010 at 7:32am, my wife Kristin gave birth to the most amazing little guy, Cohen Daniel Becnel.

We love the name Cohen, it's actually a Hebrew last name that means, Priest. I'm big on the meaning of a name and so when I found that out I just knew that it was gonna be his name. Daniel is my middle name and so wanted to share that with him.

I now am ready to retire so I can just be with him 24/7. Just Kidding, but I have fallen in love all over again. Sometimes I think to myself, "is this really mine." I just can't yet rap my head around having this love for someone that I barely even know.

Anyway not to get to sappy, cause I could, but here are a few pics of my little buddy.

What worship means to me!

Louie Giglio says it like this:

"Worship is our response, both personal and corporate, to God for who He is and what He has done, expressed in and by the things we say, and the way we live."

I love this definition of Worship. Let me break this down even further with 4 things to think about when thinking of worship:

1.) "Worship is our Response"
What's so amazing to me with this opening statement is that Worship is a response. Meaning God has already taken the first
step. WOW! With like everything we strive for to be more like God, he first had to do it to show us, and teach us. I heard it said
before that we can only Love, because God first Loved us. We can only Forgive because God first Forgave us, and to know the
Worship is no different with God. He loves hanging with us so much that he will always take the first step.

2.) "Both Personal & Corporate"
Worship is not just on Saturday night or Sunday morning services, it's all the time. God does amazing things on the weekend
don't get me wrong but when we make worship part of our daily life we experience God on a HNL (hol 'notha level). Do
something this week. Make time just to spend worship to God, just you and Him, and see what amazing things will come of it.
Bottom line we are worshipping all the time, so why not make your worship to the only one, the only thing that truly deserves
it, Jesus. *Read - The Air I Breathe by Louie Giglio

3.) "To God for who He is, and What He has done"
Something that has been hitting me hard lately is the thought, "Am I in love with the hand of God (what he can do for me) or
am I in love with the heart of God (simply who He is)?" I don't want to be a greedy child always saying gimme, gimme, gimme,
but I want to be a thankful child, to live in the house of God, under His protection, with His arms wrapped around me, just
loving my father. How about you? What side of God are you in love with?

4.) "The things we say, and the way we live"
Gandhi said, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." How are you
representing God in your life and in your speech? Can people tell that you are madly in Love with Christ, a Christ follower, a
Worshipper of God? If we truly worship God in the heart, with the first 3 points in mind, then I believe we can resemble God in
the light that he truly deserves. We can then take on the job of being his hands and feet effectively and show Gandhi whats up.

Food for thought.

Set List: May. 15/16 :: 22/23

May 15th & 16th - Mark Mateer

no reason to hide
god is with us
you hold me now

commitment song:

May 22nd & 23rd - Pastor Burnard Scott

my future decided
king of glory
from the inside out
happy day

the more i seek you

WOW this just wrecked me!

Confessions of a Worship Pastor (Part 1)

This morning I was driving to the office listening to a little Dave Matthew's Band and then all of a sudden, I saw a deer! ...No that's not true, that was wishful thinking. Actually this morning I just felt this heaviness come over me in my gut, and no it wasn't the Mexican I ate last night either. I just felt my heart just begin to be overwhelmed. Have you ever had that feeling before? On the verge of tears, your heart heavy, you're like 'what is going on.' And what for?

For me I began to see some amazing things. God began to bring to mind those who I get to serve with in the Worship Ministry at Bayside. Right at 100 people within this ministry now. I couldn't help but think of all the names and faces who make it easy for all of us and the Unchurched, Uncommitted, Undecided to be able to come and Praise & Worship our God every week.

I think so many times I can take for granted these amazing people God has brought to serve with me, and when I forget about the sacrifice and I overlook the time put in by these amazing people. In doing that it can be easy to fall into a "serve me" mind set. As not only the leader of this ministry but the Pastor of this ministry, I constantly find myself humbled by these people, but also challenged to do my end of this arrangement better. Arrangement?

Yes. You see God gives, but God can also take away. The arrangement of stewardship is what I'm referring to. God gives and he will give more, but only if done well with what he has given. Read: {Matt 25:14-30 (NIV)}

As I began to see all of these amazing peoples faces, to remember story after story of what all they have done with there 'talent' so unselfishly; I'm challenged to serve more like the way they do. I think about this guy on the team Matt, who although he has his own business to run, he constantly is figuring out more ways to give of his time and his resources. I thought about another James who right now doesn't have a job, and amongst continually looking for one, he also serves like crazy. He tells me all the time, "I'd rather be at Bayside, hanging with you guys, then any where else." I think about a high school kid, Parker, who not only serves in Fusion (Jr. High Ministry) as the worship leader and makes all the set list, arranges all the scheduling, but also serves in Epic (High-School), Impact (College) and finds time to serve occasionally in the main the auditorium as well. I think about another guy Josh who has been here for so long, committed, loyal, a server. I think about Courtney who every week amongst going to school, taking test, studying in a field that I don't understand nor can I pronounce, comes and sets up computers, music books, and makes it super easy for vocalist & instrumentalist to come and rehearse without ever knowing what went into setting it all up. I think about Ed who after service one day came from behind the drum set to see someone crying on the front row, walk down sat beside this broken man and Ed just put his arm around him beginning to pray. I'm challenged to learn more from people like these, but I'm also challenged as the leader to not only see them do it, but to lead by example to all of them as well. To show that this is not just a job, but this is my unselfish service to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords as well.

* A leader who is following is being dragged along.

How do I keep from being drug along? It's simple really. God makes it easy, it's just up to us. So here it is, here's my secret, Ready? I stay on my face! Someone once said "you can't fall being at the feet of Jesus." That's where I want to be. I keep my face in his word. Without his guidance we would all be lost from leading anyone. I know I have a responsibility as the leader of this ministry to Lead. Not as a prideful thought, but as a biblical principal. To be a good steward of where God has placed me and with what he's given me. To be challenged, but to also challenge, even when it may be tough or outside "MY" comfort zone.

You know I think about that parable in Matt 25 and for the 2 servants that came back and multiplied the talent, and where told "Well done my good and faithful servant." I love that! But what this story doesn't tell us is HOW they multiplied the talent, or if it was easy for them, naturally born salesman. What it doesn't tell us about is how hard it may have been to do what they did. The struggle that it might have been. The challenge taken on and how they overcame it. All it shows us is the end result and the blessing from it. I have to imagine it was a journey for them, just as it is for us. It was challenging for them just as it is sometimes for us. But to know that God won't give you more than you can handle! And so I think about this position I've been given to lead a ministry but to also Pastor those involved, my hope is in knowing that God knows what I can handle and God knows I'm capable of this, b/c he's placed me here. And the same goes for you!

I would encourage ever person and ever leader to understand the God has placed you there and God has blessed you with the 'talent' but what you do with it, that is what He is looking for. God has positioned you, whether leader or server, to be a good steward of that. Don't forget that, and don't forget the people who are right beside you making it all possible. I'm just overwhelmed by this thought and my prayer is simply "More of you and less of me" cause if there is more of God, he will guide my steps, he will teach me how, he will always show me the way.

ARC Recap

Love this recap post by Neil Greathouse:

Taking a new approach to the conference scene this time – I’m unplugging during the sessions and writing things down on my trusty Field Notes memo book. It feels more real for some reason. Here’s a couple thoughts from today:

1. John Maxwell - his voice still mesmerizes me and I can’t stop myself. Kellen Coldiron and I both firmly believe that he sounds a lot like Agent Smith from the Matrix. Best thought from John – “Leaders give up the right to think of themselves first.”

2. Brian Houston – his voice is even more mesmerizing and I can’t help but think Brendan Frasier is going to try to trap him back in the pyramid. I absolutely love this guy’s style and I got way too much out of his session to write here…. Best thought from Brian – “God doesn’t use superstars. He uses ordinary average people who pray.”

3. Rick Bezet – I am obligated by law to speak highly of Rick since he is my pastor…but I think he’s so great in these conference settings. And what session with Rick would be complete without hearing his patented “Hell is hot, Bezet…hot, hot, hot…” line? Always a crowd pleaser. Best thought from Rick – “If your church is schizophrenic – people will have a hard time connecting.”

4. Priscilla Shirer – This lady could be one of the best communicators I’ve heard over the past few years and she connects with people so well. Listening to her speak…I don’t get the sense that she’s lost her grip on reality of everyday life. She seems to know how normal people think. Best thought from Priscilla – “Ask yourself…God….what are you trying to show me here?” (simple – but so profound)

My Son!

Here are some pics of my boy! Can you say proud papa!

This was our 1st sighting of the little guy.

This is when we found out Boy or Girl.

Showing He's not afraid of the camera, He's looking right at it.

The Last Tear Down!

The Last Tear down of a mobile church! from Jordan Becnel on Vimeo.

First Heartbeat Hearing!

First Heartbeat! from Jordan Becnel on Vimeo.

The Power of Praise

I had the privilege of speaking at my church this weekend! Man it was awesome and God had just been sturring up this word in my heart for months now. So here is from this past weekend, The Power of Praise.

The Power of Praise - 2/27-28/10 from Jordan Becnel on Vimeo.

Speaking this Weekend

So i'm here studying and just learning so much about the Power of Praise. Good thing cause that's what i'm talking on this weekend. I am truly excited to share this message i think it will bring and understanding to many, and hopefully encourage others to be more purposeful with there praise.

Read Joshua 6 the wall of Jericho

what blows me away is all that Christ did when he came. Praise was violent in the Old Testament. When praise went up real people died. But since Christ came we no longer battle against flesh and blood, but against dark forces of this dark world, our battles are now in the spiritual not with each other. Now days, when praise goes up we are defeating the enemy and his plans he has to steal, kill, and destroy us.

Wow powerful thoughts, how powerful our praise really can be when direct and used properly.

Worship Set List: 1/16-17/10

My Life - Work

My Savior Lives
Break Free
Who You Are

Special Song: Takin' Care of Business - Bachman–Turner Overdrive

Commitment Song: Desert Song

Set List: Dec. 12/26-27/09 :: 1/2-3/10 :: 1/9-10/10

Pastor Dale Brooks

You Deserve
Your Love Never Fails
Centre of My Life
Happy Day

Commitment Song: Til I See

Pastor Charles Young - The Fog

God is With Us
In Your Freedom
You Are

Commitment Song: Help Me To Find You

My Life - Introduction

Sing Sing Sing
Search My Heart
King of All Days
I Stand Amazed

Special Song: It's My Life - Bon Jovi

Commitment Song: Arms Open Wide

Huntin' Adventures

w/ Jethro & Terry-Joe (aka my brothers)

Hunting Adventures from Jordan Becnel on Vimeo.

Hunting Adventures with Charles & Jordan (part 2)

Jordan & Charles sharing a "1 man hunting blind" trying to hunt. But Charles makes to much noise and he wants to shoot videos instead of deer.

Hunting Adventures with Charles & Jordan

Charles tries to spear a hog! he gets close but no cigar. Kinda funny!

Creative Church Christmas Music of 2009

I picked this post up from and thought it was so cool that i just had to repost this.

Each December thousands of churches give special performances for Christmas such as carols, bell choirs, and live nativities. In recent years, it has been popular to perform Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs and “drummer boy” solos (often with trash cans). If you want some fresh and early creative inspiration for your 2010 Christmas church service, here are three of the most creative church Christmas performances of 2009.


For the first 4 weeks of December, Granger Community Church had A Christmas Carol-themed sermon series. They created an ingenious musical tie-in by rewriting the words to “Carol of the Bells” to tell the tale of Scrooge.


Oneighty Varsity is the upper-age youth ministry of Church on the Move (Tulsa, OK). For Christmas, they created a just-for-fun Christmas music video with an SNL Lazy Sunday vibe.


North Point Community Church performed Christmas carols with a multi-site twist - 3 campuses (with 4 stages) gave a synchronized Christmas performance and traded off performing via satellite feed.

View from the Buckhead campus >>

View from the Alpharetta campus’ East Auditorium >>

Check out these other ones!

Two videos from the High School Ministry of Saddleback Church.

Carol of the Bells (With iphone APPS)

That’s Christmas Rap (Music Video) another lazy sunday spin: