Hillsong Encounter Notes

::Phil Dooley:: - Tear Down The Walls
Matthew 26:7 (NIV)

We put up walls against other churches which keeps us from being united.

Then we even put up walls so some people can't even come in our churches.

4 different walls we need to tear down
1.) The Wall of Self
- it can't just be all about me

Stop worring about "me" and start worring about other people, the people who Jesus worries about.

2.) The Wall of Shame & Guilt
- people don't come to our churches because they don't feel like they belong. Because all they sense is a feeling of guilt & shame that they could never live up to.

John 3:17 - He didn't come to condem

The house of God is a house of grace no matter what they've done wrong God can make right with God's grace.

3.) The Wall of Judgement
What u might judge actually might be beautiful to Jesus!

Let's choose not on judging others but on focusing on Jesus!

4.) The Wall of Indifference
A consumer world that forces its way into the church world:
-worship is not gonna be that good tonight
-they didn't do my favorite song

When u make a choice in your life that your not gonna be indifferent anylonger and actually stop and do something, you will start living a life like Jesus, that is excediantly abundantly above all we could as or imagine according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the Glory in the church, and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations!


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