Highlights of 2009 for me!

January 09' ---------------------------------------

• I got some deer meat! Hope to do it again in 2010.

February 09' --------------------------------------

• Bayside Worship Team played at Hunsader Farms Event. Our first outside the church gig and 20 people showed up! haha Looking forward to new opportunities and reaching out to more people next year.

• Bayside's first ever Mustache Friday!

• Went to Gateway Church's Connection Conference! It was a great time and that church knows what there talking about.

March 09' ------------------------------------------------

• My good friend Aubrey Head got married!

April 09' -------------------------------------------------

• EASTER - Grace on Earth

ARC Conference 09 at C3 church in North Carolina

May 09' -------------------------------------------------

• Panama City Vacation with my in-laws.

• United Live Concert with the Bayside Staff. That was a night to remember. I just remember jumping with Parker and starting "With Everything" and making the whole crowd sing with us!

June 09' ------------------------------------------------

The Williams Side of the Family in-town...Granny included. from Jordan Becnel on Vimeo.

July 09' -------------------------------------------------

• My brother Tanner visited us for a full week. It was awesome. Love my bro. check him out @TannerDWilliams on twitter. We fished, we golfed, we worked out. This was in my P90x days.

August 09' ----------------------------------------------

• My good friend @MattLBeach took me to see DMB. One of the best shows i've seen. A night to remember.

LTD really starts, they poured concrete. It blows my mind that concrete was poured in August and we are moving in the building in 3 months.

• Invasion Summer Camp & My Brother Taylor comes to visit.

Sept 09' -----------------------------------------------

• Boston!

Boston Trip from Jordan Becnel on Vimeo.

• I Turn 27! Eekk Eekk!

• Our Friends TJ & Shayla McCormick start there church, Coastal Community Church. So Proud of you guys.

Oct 09' ---------------------------------------------------

• I get reunited with a long lost friend, Nic Carter, he was Bayside's first drummer.

Nov 09' ---------------------------------------------------

Dirt Conference 09'

My friend Colt Sammons takes home a dirty!

Baton Rouge Trip from Jordan Becnel on Vimeo.

• Family Trip to DC

Dec 09' ------------------------------------------------

Kristin and I hit 6 years of marriage! She is the most amazing woman ever.

• An Amazing Christmas Eve Service on the church property!

Now I look forward to 2010, if it's half as good as 09 we should do alright!


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