Worship Set Lists - 10/31/09-11/1/09 & 11/7-8/09

I have some questions?

One Way
Everlasting God
Jesus Paid it All

Commitment Song:
You Hold Me Now - Bryan Meadows just crushed this song in a good way. So amazed at his talent yes but his heart is what
truly blows me away about him.

I have some questions?

Gotta say I love to give other people opportunity to lead Praise & Worship. I love to hear the comments, "why aren't you on stage this weekend?" "Who is that leading today... They're good" "Do you have the weekend off?"

I love those comments cause it gives me the opportunity to share the heart of Bayside of how we want to grow people in there gifts and use them in there "10." Garrett & Kristen and the team where definitely in their "10" this weekend! When you give other people opportunity and you step out of the way. Its grows your team and it grows you as the leader. To let go shows great leadership, something that I continue to learn. My first instinct would be just to do it all, but God will bring you people to make what you do so much better. Try and step out of the way and see if I'm lying or not.

Your Love Never Fails
Beautiful One
How Great is Our God
So In Love

Special Song:
Life is a Highway

Commitment Song:
'Til I See


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