Dirt Conference - Main Session (Rick Bezet)

Why are you not in church any longer? - Barna institute Survey

What's interesting is that none of the answers are theological.

1.) We don't like the music

- Hymns were sounds out of the bars, they where cutting edge several years ago, so be cutting edge with your Praise &

- Music we like is not what it's about, its about the ones who aren't here yet.

2.) Kids don't like the church

3.) Sermons are boring and irrelevant.
- Relevant, Humor, transparency, and inspiration should be in every sermon for todays culture.

4.) They want my money

5.) The People are weird, hypocritical, and I don't feel welcome

* Artistic people generally feel unwelcome at churches.

But remember for us:

1.) Not to lose the confidence of your call.

Heb 4:16

- Don't have backwards vision.
If you think God has kicked you out then its gonna be hard to be creative in that place.

- Gods voice is a whisper cause you have to be in close proximity to hear him.

2.) Keep confidence in our dreams.
- There comes a time when u can broadcast your dream to the world, but God wants you to talk to him about it always.

Story of Blind Bartimaus
Jesus asked him what he wants, even though Jesus knew Bartimaus wanted to see, God wants to hear us say what our dream is.

Types of creatives God's wants to reach:

1.) Ones who lost there dream.

2.) Ones who are dreaming the wrong dream.

** Samson - cost him a lot for being in the wrong dream, in the wrong place, with the wrong people.

3.) Ones who are doing the God dream
- Gods dream is always about souls.

Dirt is not very expensive unless its in the right place. Location of dirt can depict its value. New York cost more than Arkansas, and when our location is close to God we then can find more value in ourselves and the things we are doing and apart of.

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself its thinking more of other people."

We all want to be at a place, a church, a leader where other people can come and dream big with others and dream with God.


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