Confessions of a Worship Pastor (Part 1)

This morning I was driving to the office listening to a little Dave Matthew's Band and then all of a sudden, I saw a deer! ...No that's not true, that was wishful thinking. Actually this morning I just felt this heaviness come over me in my gut, and no it wasn't the Mexican I ate last night either. I just felt my heart just begin to be overwhelmed. Have you ever had that feeling before? On the verge of tears, your heart heavy, you're like 'what is going on.' And what for?

For me I began to see some amazing things. God began to bring to mind those who I get to serve with in the Worship Ministry at Bayside. Right at 100 people within this ministry now. I couldn't help but think of all the names and faces who make it easy for all of us and the Unchurched, Uncommitted, Undecided to be able to come and Praise & Worship our God every week.

I think so many times I can take for granted these amazing people God has brought to serve with me, and when I forget about the sacrifice and I overlook the time put in by these amazing people. In doing that it can be easy to fall into a "serve me" mind set. As not only the leader of this ministry but the Pastor of this ministry, I constantly find myself humbled by these people, but also challenged to do my end of this arrangement better. Arrangement?

Yes. You see God gives, but God can also take away. The arrangement of stewardship is what I'm referring to. God gives and he will give more, but only if done well with what he has given. Read: {Matt 25:14-30 (NIV)}

As I began to see all of these amazing peoples faces, to remember story after story of what all they have done with there 'talent' so unselfishly; I'm challenged to serve more like the way they do. I think about this guy on the team Matt, who although he has his own business to run, he constantly is figuring out more ways to give of his time and his resources. I thought about another James who right now doesn't have a job, and amongst continually looking for one, he also serves like crazy. He tells me all the time, "I'd rather be at Bayside, hanging with you guys, then any where else." I think about a high school kid, Parker, who not only serves in Fusion (Jr. High Ministry) as the worship leader and makes all the set list, arranges all the scheduling, but also serves in Epic (High-School), Impact (College) and finds time to serve occasionally in the main the auditorium as well. I think about another guy Josh who has been here for so long, committed, loyal, a server. I think about Courtney who every week amongst going to school, taking test, studying in a field that I don't understand nor can I pronounce, comes and sets up computers, music books, and makes it super easy for vocalist & instrumentalist to come and rehearse without ever knowing what went into setting it all up. I think about Ed who after service one day came from behind the drum set to see someone crying on the front row, walk down sat beside this broken man and Ed just put his arm around him beginning to pray. I'm challenged to learn more from people like these, but I'm also challenged as the leader to not only see them do it, but to lead by example to all of them as well. To show that this is not just a job, but this is my unselfish service to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords as well.

* A leader who is following is being dragged along.

How do I keep from being drug along? It's simple really. God makes it easy, it's just up to us. So here it is, here's my secret, Ready? I stay on my face! Someone once said "you can't fall being at the feet of Jesus." That's where I want to be. I keep my face in his word. Without his guidance we would all be lost from leading anyone. I know I have a responsibility as the leader of this ministry to Lead. Not as a prideful thought, but as a biblical principal. To be a good steward of where God has placed me and with what he's given me. To be challenged, but to also challenge, even when it may be tough or outside "MY" comfort zone.

You know I think about that parable in Matt 25 and for the 2 servants that came back and multiplied the talent, and where told "Well done my good and faithful servant." I love that! But what this story doesn't tell us is HOW they multiplied the talent, or if it was easy for them, naturally born salesman. What it doesn't tell us about is how hard it may have been to do what they did. The struggle that it might have been. The challenge taken on and how they overcame it. All it shows us is the end result and the blessing from it. I have to imagine it was a journey for them, just as it is for us. It was challenging for them just as it is sometimes for us. But to know that God won't give you more than you can handle! And so I think about this position I've been given to lead a ministry but to also Pastor those involved, my hope is in knowing that God knows what I can handle and God knows I'm capable of this, b/c he's placed me here. And the same goes for you!

I would encourage ever person and ever leader to understand the God has placed you there and God has blessed you with the 'talent' but what you do with it, that is what He is looking for. God has positioned you, whether leader or server, to be a good steward of that. Don't forget that, and don't forget the people who are right beside you making it all possible. I'm just overwhelmed by this thought and my prayer is simply "More of you and less of me" cause if there is more of God, he will guide my steps, he will teach me how, he will always show me the way.


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