ARC Recap

Love this recap post by Neil Greathouse:

Taking a new approach to the conference scene this time – I’m unplugging during the sessions and writing things down on my trusty Field Notes memo book. It feels more real for some reason. Here’s a couple thoughts from today:

1. John Maxwell - his voice still mesmerizes me and I can’t stop myself. Kellen Coldiron and I both firmly believe that he sounds a lot like Agent Smith from the Matrix. Best thought from John – “Leaders give up the right to think of themselves first.”

2. Brian Houston – his voice is even more mesmerizing and I can’t help but think Brendan Frasier is going to try to trap him back in the pyramid. I absolutely love this guy’s style and I got way too much out of his session to write here…. Best thought from Brian – “God doesn’t use superstars. He uses ordinary average people who pray.”

3. Rick Bezet – I am obligated by law to speak highly of Rick since he is my pastor…but I think he’s so great in these conference settings. And what session with Rick would be complete without hearing his patented “Hell is hot, Bezet…hot, hot, hot…” line? Always a crowd pleaser. Best thought from Rick – “If your church is schizophrenic – people will have a hard time connecting.”

4. Priscilla Shirer – This lady could be one of the best communicators I’ve heard over the past few years and she connects with people so well. Listening to her speak…I don’t get the sense that she’s lost her grip on reality of everyday life. She seems to know how normal people think. Best thought from Priscilla – “Ask yourself…God….what are you trying to show me here?” (simple – but so profound)


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