God's Plans Not Ours!

This is some notes I took from our staff meeting this morning and a timely word from Pastor Randy so I decided to share.


Prov 16:9
"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."

** God doesn't reveal detail plans but simply gives us next step plans that stretch us.**

If you are a planner sometimes this is tough to grasp ahold of, to let God just give us the next step and not the whole picture, it sometimes gets us to a place we just would rather control it, cause we want all the steps all at the same time, and God just doesn't work like that unfortunately.

Think about when you get driving directions somewhere, it becomes overwhelming if you get all the steps at one time. For me I can only handle one at a time and for some of you, you may be able to handle more, but still you can't have them all at once cause you'd get lost. You'd take a Left where you would suppose to go Right and head South instead of turning North and in the process doing a lot of backtracking.

So Why does god reveal next steps, rather than the whole picture:

1.) God doesn't need your help. HaHa

If He gave you it all at one time, you would try to skip steps and mess the whole thing up.

     God just wants your obedience!

God only gives you the next step to stretch you! He's the one who determines my steps not me.

2.) If God showed us all the details we'd probably never go.

Think about a trip or an experience in your life where now you can say 'its been great'  but along the way its been tough or maybe dangerous even, based on the experience your thinking about.  And If you would have known you'd go through some heartache or even some danger...would you have still done it or gone through with it? Probably not because you'd try to keep you or your family out of harms way!
Even though now you can look back through that experience and see the growth or fun you had.

Just remember this:
   "Where there is stretching there is blessing" - Mike Haman (my old youth pastor)

For His Renown,


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