Worship Set List - 7/4-5/09

This was our weekend set list and I wanted to elaborate on it to let you know what I was thinking about in putting this set list together. It was 4th of July weekend, so I did take into account people remembering, hearing, saying the word "Freedom" because of the Holiday. And what I wanted them to grab ahold of was that true freedom comes from God. So we did these songs with mention to Freedom in them.

Such as:

My Future Decided - Hillsong

In this song there is what I call a battle cry that says,
"unashamed, unafraid lord we know who we are"
we are your people and we won't be silent
unified here us cry at the top of our lungs
You are our God and we will not be shaken

I see this battle cry of praise as something you would say in battle, and maybe even a battle for freedom.

Your Name High - Hillsong

this song says, "Upon that cross you gave yourself for us, carried into your freedom."
Again singing freedom over our lives.

This is our God - Hillsong

"freely You gave it all for us" freedom comes with a price and that price for us is Jesus...enough said.

Prodigal (Chorus) - Michael Gungor

I love this song Prodigal by Michael Gungor. The story of someone who took advantage of earthly freedom and found that it is a dead end but then comes around to find freedom in the Father. And so I threw in this chorus as a tag out of 'This is our God' and we just sang these words, "Nothing Compares to what You've done For Me" to remember we are free through what Christ has done for us and the sacrifice made.

You'll Come - Hillsong

we started this song with the bridge, staying in a moment of worship, singing, "Chains be broken, lives be healed, eyes be opened, as Christ is revealed" again breaking free, freedom in Him. And then we just praised God in singing the rest of this song, knowing that he has freed us and let me say 'He did Come' in this service.

Commitment Song:
Center - Charlie Hall

As with all commitment songs I worked with the speaker on this song, to talk to them about there message, to find a song that really would fit and cause people to reflect and receive revelation on the Word that was given to them. When we did this song in one of the services people immediately stood up and started worshipping without any invitation to or anything, it was powerful.


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