Kodak's Zi6 or FLIP's new ULTRA HD?

So I want one of these trendy, hip, cool, little digital video cameras. I've used the FLIP which I love but the Kodak, my brother in law Brad, raves about the Kodak so I trust him and so I may be purchasing one of these very soon. I love how easy it is to upload to the web, and the quality...wow. So here is the breakdown:
- Both have HD (720p)
- Both are about the same size but the kodak's screen is bigger
- Both take AA batteries as well as a recharable
- Both have a usb hook up to upload videos instantly
- The Kodak however you can record on SD cards as well as there built in hard drive
- The FLIP has an HDMI hook up.
- FLIP cost = $199 Kodak cost = $159

If anyone has any thoughts let me know.


April 30, 2009 at 11:55 PM Gabe Lopez said...

Dude I'm thinkin the Kodak. Just off of pure impulse, the looks of the Kodak get me going. And it's cheaper...that keeps me going. And if i ever stop? The SD card options gets me going once again.

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