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Front Line Leadership

Mark 10:35-45(NKJV)
Do You have a Vision For Greatness?

If your in the minsitry cause you need a job... Quit!

¤ 3 test leaders must pass to be the leader God has called us to be...

1.) You better understand PAIN?
"Can you drink the cup, that I drink from?"

There is a price to pay to advance the kingdom of God, and cause of His ministry.
    2 types of pain: 1.) Things happen to you. 2.) Have to make a hard decision: will you embrace the pain of tough decisions?

3 phases of planting a church:
  1.) The pioneering phase - a promise from God. Its in pioneering that you learn to pay the price.
  2.) The Josuha stage - from pioneering to possessing.
  3.) The Provailing stage - end of joshuas life

2.) The Test of Submission
  a.) When you don't agree with a leadership position.
3.) The Test of Identity
Do you see yourself like your entitled to something?

When ever you find striff usually self promotion is involved at the root.

Do you view yourself as leader who serves or do you say,
I view myself as a servant who's been given the opportunities to lead?

We are here to pay the price and get the job done!

We are blogging and twittering but are we praying and fasting?

In all the test its the joy of the Lord that gives us strength.


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