#All Access - Ed Young

1. Ask the crucial questions

Always seek knowledge
Ask questions that answer:
What do I confirm?
What do I cancel?
What can I copy from you?

2. Talk to the chairs

Talk about the vision of the church
"Its about the Weekend, Stupid"

3. Talk about the theta waves

4. Match God's Rythmn

Take Breaks! - match the rythmn of Gods rest

Take a day off
Take off practical days - memorial day, July 4th, Spring Break

Get in the rythmn of taking breaks you will have your best creativity, best ideas, it will help your message

If you don't your schedule will break you. We are in a marathon not a sprint.

5. Though shall always plan with the team.

   A. Fresh flow of creative ideas
   B. Gives you great confidence
   C. Critique
   D. Great training ground for teachers
   E. Helps you to know who's in the

(creativepastors.com to see video from start to finish of Fellowships Process)

6. Though shall not steal an idea without making it better.

Ask questions!

7. Though shalt keep your distance from crazy people

   15 qualities of a crazy person:
 1. They got crazy eyes
 2. Always play the God card
 3. They are a name dropper
 4. They are one up man
 5. They will blow your phone up
 6. They'll ask advice but they don't take it
 7. They always talk about themselves
 8. They don't have a filter
 9. There one issue people
10. There space invaders
11. They will dress in the uniform of the team they cheer for
12. They enjoy discomfort
13. They have pets
14. They answer phone saying Yellow
15. They are either the first one or the last to talk to you.

8. Thall shalt hire yes man

Yeilded, encouraging and strong

9. Thall shalt grow by strategic subtraction

People think they are getting deep sometimes in the gospel and they are actually getting muddy.

10. Thall shalt not covet other ministries.

- its unfair to compare.

10.5. Thall shalt not lie about the numbers

Be who you are there is always a story behind the story.

    1. Are you structured for growth?
    2. Who are you really reaching?
        A. Check attendance
        B. Count Baptisms
        C. Count your small groups
        D. New Members
        E. Volunteers
    3. Where are you spending money?

If you pay peanuts you will get monkees.


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