#All Access - Joe Champion

Keeping It Sweet

Acts 16

How to keep the sweetness:

1. You Have to DREAM It

The Dream needs to be specific, needs to come from God, needs to help people - if the dream isn't about people it probably isn't from God

Luke 1:1-4

You have to be faithful to the dream God has given you
God gives His dreams to people that have nothing but avalibility
Gaurd your dream

2. You Have to LIVE It
To live the dream people have to be included - go from he to we

3. You Have to FLOW with it

Acts 16:10-15 - Paul meets lydia and the man he saw

You may not meet the people you see in your dream - it may look different -
You've got to flow!

Blessed are the flexible for they remain standing!

Can you flow with what God does when the dream ends up differently then you thought?

4. You got to Confront it
If you don't like to confront, your not gonna move up-front.

5. Your gonna have to Stand it.
Paul and Silas standing worshipping through there trials were able to reach a woman making purple garments, a demon possed woman, a man in the prision...now you know why Paul loved the church of Philipi.

Acts 16:35-40 (NKJV)

6. You have to ENJOY it.
If you don't go through this (the fire)you won't love the place, the city, the church where God has placed you.


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